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28. bis 30. November 2023

World Nuclear Exhibition 2023

Paris, France

The world's leading civil nuclear exhibition

10. bis 14. March 2024

Waste Management Symposia

Waste Management Symposia


Latest news


Cooperation with Studsvik

In order to further develop, qualify and implement the Studsvik patented inDRUM technology for the German market GNS and Studsvik have formed a strategic and exclusive cooperation to combine their expertise to tackle the challenge of problematic waste in a safe and efficient way. Studsvik’s inDRUM is a patented technology for the treatment of problematic wastes, such as legacy wastes in aging drums, which results in an inert residue, significant volume reduction and enables drums to be managed with minimal manual handling.


GNS-Magazine 14

The 14th GNS magazine has been published in a new look. Not only the new design, but also the topics are impressive.


CASTOR® geo69CH for Leibstadt NPP

GNS has signed the first contract for casks of the CASTOR® geo series for a boiling water reactor with Kernkraftwerk Leibstadt AG, thus completing the supply of all four nuclear power plants in Switzerland.

Highlights of the GNS-History