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2023 Acquisition of the remaining shares of Höfer & Bechtel GmbH
2022 Delivery of the first CASTOR® geo cask
2021 Foundation of GNS Japan K.K.
2020 100 percent takeover of Eisenwerk Bassum GmbH 
2019 Participation in the nuclear technology specialist Höfer & Bechtel GmbH
2017 August 1st: Interim Storage Activities including the interim storage facilities in Ahaus and Gorleben transferred to the State in the course of the reorganisation of the responsibility for nuclear waste management in Germany
2014 Loading of the 1.000th CASTOR® in Germany
2011 Relocation to the new headquarters
2010 Manufacturing of the 5.000th MOSAIK®-cask
1995 First CASTOR® put into storage at the interim storage facility Gorleben
1992 First CASTOR® put into storage at the interim storage facility Ahaus
1985 Commissioning of the plant at Duisburg
1985 Storage licence CASTOR® V/21 cask for USA
1984 First LLW put into the interim storage facility at Gorleben
1983 First CASTOR® loaded and stored at Paul-Scherrer-Institut in Switzerland
1978 Development of the first CASTOR®-cask and first drop tests
1977 GNT is renamed to GNS Gesellschaft für Nuklear-Service mbH
1975 Development of the first MOSAIK®-casks
1974 GNT Gesellschaft für Nukleartransporte was founded in Essen/Germany