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GNS is one of the world's most experienced developers and manufacturers of nuclear casks for low, intermediate and high-level radioactive waste. 

Fuel elements & high-level radioactive waste

GNS is the inventor and first manufacturer of casks that can be used for both the transportation and long-term interim storage of irradiated fuel elements. Around 2,000 GNS casks for irradiated fuel elements and high-level radioactive waste have already been loaded and stored worldwide. Around 100 further casks are ready for loading at customers' sites, and over 200 additional casks have been ordered or are in production.

The GNS cask portfolio includes

  • Transport and interim storage casks for spent fuel elements,
  • Casks for the transportation and interim storage of vitrified high-level waste from reprocessing,
  • Special casks for fuel elements from research reactors and¬†quiver systems for special and damaged fuel rods for use in fuel element casks,
  • Handling systems for the use of GNS casks.

Low & intermediate level radioactive waste

The radioactive waste to be delivered to interim or final storage facilities must be packed in suitable waste containers. Depending on the type of waste, these are cylindrical or cuboid packages that differ in terms of their construction, size, wall thickness and mass. The specific requirements for the container types are defined in the corresponding storage conditions, for example in Germany the final storage conditions for the Konrad repository. GNS develops and builds such containers, for which unrestricted suitability is verified in the design tests.