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Cladded Concrete Shielding

The ”Cladded Concrete Shielding (UBA)“ cask for transport and storage is an IP-2 package for a maximum of 1,500 kg dry solid radioactive waste.

The cylindrical cask body consists of an outer and inner steel jacket. The intermediate space is filled with concrete. Depending on the necessary shielding, concrete mixtures with different densities can be used. Protection against corrosion is ensured by a coating which can be decontaminated. The casks are suitable for transport with forklift trucks. Furthermore, suspension points are provided at the lid. The waste material can be put into the casks in bulk or in drums with volumes between 200 and 400 litres which may be grouted with concrete inside the UBA.

For disposal in the German Konrad repository, the cask has a type approval as an accident-proof and non-accident-proof package of waste container class I.

Product Information Cladded Concrete Shielding