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Our vision: Excellence for Nuclear  

We inspire our customers with excellent customized products and services - reliable and sustainable for generations.

Our shared values strengthen our collaboration


  • We develop and maintain trusting customer relationships and partnerships.
  • Our partners can rely on us.
  • We work together transparently and trustingly - with our customers and partners and across divisions and hierarchies within the GNS Group.
  • We are honest and authentic.
  • We reliably fulfill our obligations and make the implementation of our goals tangible through regular communication.


  • We take responsibility for our actions and pay attention to the sustainability of our results.
  • We act out of conviction and boldly pursue new ideas.
  • We continuously question our actions and shape the company and customer solutions of tomorrow.
  • We think (from) the future and seize the opportunities that present themselves to us.


  • In management functions, we are role models for our GNS culture and actively exemplify our safety philosophy, customer orientation and values.
  • We ensure that our shared values are firmly anchored in our daily work and bear particular responsibility for making our GNS team successful in the long term.


  • We convey meaning and purpose and provide direction.
  • We continuously set ourselves new ambitious goals and act entrepreneurially.
  • We focus on results.
  • Feedback is part of our appreciative culture.
  • We learn together from mistakes and continue to develop.
  • We want to take a leading role and be seen as "doers".