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Versatile GNS Box System

The Versatile GNS Box System corresponds to the overall decommissioning strategy of a nuclear facility by covering the entire range of waste classes, considering its radiology as well as its geometry and masses.
The System consists of 5 different container types suitable for transport, interim storage and final disposal of Waste Class A to GTCC.

  • Welded steel sheet containers with varying wall thickness for different shielding capacities
  • Standardized outer dimensions for efficient handling, dispatch and storage of different container types with the same equipment regardless of the
    waste class
  • Designed for handling with limited crane capacity
  • Equipment for underwater loading of cut reactor internals available
  • Suitable for local production in the customer’s country

The basic design is similar to the GNS containers widely established in Germany for transport, storage and final disposal which allows for similar packaging, handling and shipping facilities as applied in German decommissioning.
The container series was developed according to US regulations which allows licensing in countries that base their quality assurance requirements on ASME NQA-1.

For transport in accordance with SSR-6 the containers are available with Type B(U) approval certificate or as IP-2 package.
Local production is possible worldwide. 

Product Information Versatile GNS Box System