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Disposal from nuclear power plants and other nuclear facilities is impossible without transport of radioactive materials. These transports are subject to strict domestic and international regulations and are reliably organized and performed by GNS on the basis of 40 years of experience in conjunction with dependable partners.

GNS takes care of the transport of low and intermediate level waste (such as operational and decommissioning waste from nuclear power plants) and organizes transports of spent fuel and high level waste e. g. from the reprocessing of fuel assemblies. GNS provides the necessary transportation equipment such as freight containers (including its own 20” ISO-containers of different types), load securing systems and casks such as the CASTOR® or MOSAIK®.

For these transports, GNS commissions specialized and qualified companies that have the necessary transport licenses.

The return of German reprocessing waste is also prepared and carried out by GNS.