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GNS CLU System

In order to realize higher cask capacities even with limited crane capacity, GNS is offering a completely new process: Instead of loading the irradiated fuel assemblies into the cask under water in the storage pool as has been customary up to now, the fuel assemblies are to be retrieved from the pool with the aid of a "Cask Loading Unit", CLU for short, and then loaded into the CASTOR®. 

CLU combines the advantages of canister systems with the maximum safety of CASTOR® casks:

  • Crane lifting capacity is increased due to the lower mass of the CLU compared to standard canisters
  • The only canister system on the market that can be easily reopened, e.g. for fuel inspection, as the canister lid is not welded to the canister
  • No direct venting of canister system in contrast to competing concrete cask systems, thus chloride induced stress corosion cracking at canister weldings is technically excluded.

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