CASTOR® geo69CH for Leibstadt NPP


GNS has signed the first contract for casks of the CASTOR® geo series for a boiling water reactor with Kernkraftwerk Leibstadt AG, thus completing the supply of all four nuclear power plants in Switzerland.

In January 2023, GNS has signed a contract with the youngest Swiss nuclear power plant in Leibstadt for the delivery of CASTOR® geo69CH transport and storage casks. The object of the contract is to obtain both the Package Design Approval in Switzerland and the Permit for Storage of the casks in the central Swiss interim storage facility ZWILAG as well as the delivery of the first transport and storage casks including the associated equipment. Subsequently, delivery options for further casks are planned until the 2040s.


Since 2015, GNS had already won three of the four Swiss nuclear power plants as customers for the delivery of CASTOR® casks. In 2016, Gösgen NPP ordered the CASTOR® geo32CH for pressurised water reactor fuel elements, the first cask of the newly developed geo series. With the CASTOR® geo69CH, which can accommodate 69 boiling water reactor fuel elements, GNS is continuing its successful cooperation with the Swiss utilities and completing the supply of all four Swiss nuclear power plants.


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