Daniel Oehr takes over from Dr Hannes Wimmer as Chairman of the GNS Management Board


On 1 December 2020, Daniel Oehr (43) will be the new Chairman of the Management Board and CEO of GNS Gesellschaft für Nuklear-Service mbH. He will succeed Dr Hannes Wimmer (57), who has been chairman since 2011. From him, Daniel Oehr will also take over the management of the GNS subsidiary WTI Wissenschaftlich-Technische Ingenieurberatung mbH in Jülich on 3 December 2020.

Dr Hannes Wimmer will leave GNS at the end of this year after nine very successful years as Chairman of the Management Board of GNS Gesellschaft für Nuklear-Service mbH, by best mutual agreement with the shareholders. Announcing the change in the management, Dr. Guido Knott, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of GNS, stated:

"On behalf of all shareholders, I would like to thank Hannes Wimmer for his great commitment, especially in the internationalisation and repositioning of GNS over the past years. With the spin-off of the interim storage and final disposal activities and the successful acquisition of Höfer & Bechtel as well as Eisenwerk Bassum, the management team with Mr. Wimmer has succeeded in developing GNS into a renowned cask manufacturer and service provider in the field of nuclear waste management," says Dr Guido Knott, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of GNS.

Daniel Oehr has already joined the management of GNS on 1 November. Prior to this, he worked for 18 years in various areas and functions in the E.ON Group, most recently as Head of Controlling and Performance Management of GNS shareholder PreussenElektra GmbH. He has therefore been very familiar with GNS for many years.

Dr. Knott: "The shareholders are pleased to have won Daniel Oehr for this challenging task. With him in the lead, GNS will be further developed into a quality and customer-oriented service provider with increasing business in third markets.“