Twelve CASTOR® casks for PreussenElektra


GNS supplies twelve transport and storage casks of the type CASTOR® V/19 for the spent fuel from the German NPPs Brokdorf and Grohnde.

GNS Gesellschaft für Nuklear-Service mbH has received an order to supply a total of twelve transport and storage casks of the type CASTOR® V/19. The casks will be used for the removal of spent fuel assemblies from the two pressurized water reactor NPPs of PreussenElektra in Brokdorf and Grohnde which are still in operation. The order has a volume of well over EUR 20 million.

The casks are to be delivered from the GNS plant in Mülheim an der Ruhr to the two power plants in the fourth quarter of 2020. After loading in the reactor building with 19 fuel elements each, the casks will be taken to the local interim storage facilities. More than 30 loaded casks of this type are already stored at each of the two sites.

„The CASTOR® casks from GNS have proven to be reliable packaging for the irradiated fuel elements from our nuclear power plants", explains Lothar Mertens, Head of Fuel Cycle and Interim Storage at PreussenElektra. "They ensure the smooth emptying of our storage pools and thus form an important component in the disposal of our power plants both during power operation and until the reactor is completely fuel-free."

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