GNS awarded contract from Italy


The contract that GNS has been awarded by Sogin, the Italian State company for decommissioning nuclear facilities and disposing of radioactive waste, is worth a total of 1.52 million Euros. In addition to ten MOSAIK® casks as well as handling equipment, GNS will also be delivering an SBoX® to the Italian nuclear power plant Caorso in the Piacenza region from the third quarter of 2016 onwards.

The casks will be used there for packing core components. At the customer's request, the MOSAIK® casks will be fitted with inserts specially designed by the customer for receiving compacted control rods. The SBoX®, owing to its volume and the larger rectangular lid opening, in turn is capable of receiving longer, less activated components. It is the first of its construction type to be delivered by GNS outside Germany.


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