GNS wins contract for waste management services in England


GNS Gesellschaft für Nuklear-Service mbH has been awarded a contract for the processing of approx. 25 m³ of spent ion exchange resins at  Sizewell B power station, which is owned by British Energy. British Energy is belonging to the EdF Group, the worlds largest operator of nuclear power plants.

GNS will deploy two of their GNS designed processing facilities named FAFNIR and NEWA for filling and dewatering of the resins and will deliver 55 shielded GNS casks, type MOSAIK®. Additionally the contract comprises the packaging of solid waste presently in stock, the installation of some new pipework to connect the GNS facilities to the existing resin transfer system and the preparation of a storage room for the produced waste packages. In EnergySolutions EU Services and Babcock International Group GNS has found competent British support for the project.

For GNS the contract with British Energy represents a first of its kind in the growth market of nuclear energy in  the UK and shows the competitiveness of the GNS waste management services which have been successfully established in Germany over more than three decades.

GNS Gesellschaft für Nuklear-Service mbH is a company of the German utilities and is responsible for the management of radioactive wastes and residues from the nuclear power


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