GNS casks make advanced disposal technology in Great Britain possible


GNS Gesellschaft für Nuklear-Service mbH has concluded a framework agreement for the delivery of casks for radioactive waste with U.K. based Magnox South Ltd. which is in charge of the dismantling of Magnox type reactors in five locations in Britain. The containers are designed to meet the packaging requirements regarding the interim and final storage of medium-active waste.

The MOSAIK® casks and the Type VI cast-iron containers developed by GNS (distributed in the U.K. as GNS YELLOW BOX®) have been used successfully in Germany for many years. The framework agreement also covers the delivery of casks to other locations of the sister company, Magnox North Ltd., and has an initial term of five years. About 70 casks have already been ordered and are to be delivered this year. The plan is to deliver more than 1,000 casks during the next years.

The conclusion of the contract was preceded by two years of negotiations with the operating company and British authorities. The use of the GNS casks means a change of system in Britain were up to now medium-active waste has been either sealed in cement in thin-walled containers without shielding effect or even stored without treatment in shielded buildings. The use of GNS shielded casks enables handling and storage of the waste in less expensive buildings with a simultaneous improvement of radiation protection.


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