First CASTOR®-Cask loaded and placed into storage in Temelin


Less than four years after the signing of the contract between GNS and the Czech utility CEZ in November 2006, the first cask of the new type CASTOR®1000/19 was loaded and dispatched in the Czech nuclear power plant (NPP) Temelin. Afterwards the cask containing 19 fuel assemblies of the type VVER 1000 was put in the NPP’s storage facility for spent fuel. During loading and dispatching, the comprehensive service and handling equipment also delivered by GNS was used.

GNS developed the CASTOR®1000/19, which weighs more than 100 tonnes and is more than 5,5 metres tall, by order of CEZ exclusively for the transport and interim storage of the fuel assemblies in the Temelin NPP.

After the first cask was successfully placed into storage the serial production at the GNS site in Mülheim/Germany has now started. In total the contract comprises the delivery of 35 casks by 2020.


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