GNS-subsidiary WTI Wissenschaftlich-Technische Ingenieurberatung GmbH in Jülich is starting the year 2023 with a newly formed management board. The first-time appointment of a two-member management board with Dr Linus Bettermann as chairman and Roger Vallentin as additional managing director takes account of the growing importance of WTI's tasks, particularly in the growth market of decommissioning.

At the beginning of the christmas season GNS trainees organised a charity campaign for the Oberhausen Friedensdorf International (Peace Village). Employees were given the opportunity to donate clothes that were in good condition. In addition, the trainees sold fresh waffles for a self-selected donation amount.

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On July 7, 2022, the GNS subsidiary Eisenwerk Bassum GmbH purchased the premises directly adjacent to EWB from Bremer GmbH and took over the welding production there, including all 29 employees working in this part of the plant. 

GNS, together with BGE TECHNOLGY GmbH, has been commissioned by BGE to develop a cask concept for final disposal in crystalline rock under the project name "ELBRock".


During a three-day survey, GNS was able to renew its certification according to ASME N3. This means that GNS is still one of only eleven companies worldwide to hold the "Certificate of Authorization N3" of the "American Society of Mechanical Engineers" (ASME).

Strategic Acquisition for rising demand of radwaste containers: GNS-subsidiary Eisenwerk Bassum GmbH takes over packaging-specialist Maschinen-Meyer GmbH & Co. KG.