Code of Conduct

GNS is aware of the role it plays in society and of its responsibility toward its customers and business partners as well as its employees. The company has therefore committed itself to clear principles which serve as the foundation for the actions GNS takes as a business and as a corporate citizen.
The actions taken by GNS and by its employees are founded on personal responsibility, honesty, loyalty and respect for others and for the environment. Managers bear particular responsibility in this regard.

GNS’ key business goal is to develop GNS for its partners/customers into a centre of competence with regard to nuclear waste management. To this end GNS designs innovative concepts to meet its customers’ precise needs. GNS carries out its tasks responsibly, reliably and efficiently, and aims for a continually improving performance in order to satisfy quality and service demands.

In order to do this GNS relies on

  • the skills, strength and dedication of its employees
  • a stable social, political and regulatory environment
  • the opportunities offered by scientific and technological advances.

The Code of Conduct serves two main purposes:
First, it encourages every single employee to take responsibility for his or her actions, and it seeks to provide them with appropriate guidance. Second, it outlines the goals and principles which guide the business activities of GNS. These principles are also defined within the corporate guidelines.

Download GNS Code of Conduct