Interim Storage Facility Ahaus

From 1990 to mid-2017, GNS owned and operated the Interim Storage Facilty Ahaus (TBL-A) for spent fuel elements and ILW/LLW.

The interim storage facility is located on the territory of the German town of Ahaus in the western part of the “Münsterland”, about 3 kilometres east of the town centre. The storage facility was built between 1984 and 1990. The storage building consists of two halves separated by a reception and maintenance area.



Eastern half of the hall with CASTOR® casksOn a floor space of approx. 5,000 m², the facility offers 420 storage positions for spent fuel fuel transport and storage casks. Since 2010, low- and intermediate-level radioactive waste from the operation and decommissioning of German nuclear power plants has been temporarily stored in the western half of the hall.




Western half of the hallIn the course of the reorganisation of the responsibilities in nuclear waste management in Germany, GNS handed over its interim storage activities including the interim storage facilities in Ahaus and Gorleben bundled in BGZ Gesellschaft für Zwischenlagerung mbH to the Federal Government in 2017.