Hall 1/operating phaseIn Duisburg-Wanheim, GNS has operated a facility for the packaging of low- to intermediate-level radioactive waste from the operation and decommissioning of German nuclear power plants since 1985. For this purpose, the waste was compacted, dried and packed in containers suitable for interim storage and final disposal.

With the gradual shutdown of the German nuclear power plants, the amount of operational waste as processed at the Duisburg facility of GNS is decreasing. At the same time, new capacities for processing local decommissioning waste have been installed at the power plant sites.Therefore, GNS announced already in December 2013 the decision to close the plant and substantiated these plans in summer 2014.

In the course of the decommissioning, all facilities and installations for waste treatment and packaging were completely removed by GNS and, with the involvement of independent experts, the freedom from contamination of the entire site was demonstrated to the supervisory authority.

This was the prerequisite for GNS to return the radiation protection handling permit required for operation by then as early as mid-March.

Hall 1/March 2020As of March 31, 2020, GNS vacated its previous site in Duisburg-Wanheim, returned the buildings and the premises to the lessor and thus ended its activities at the location after 35 years.