2020100 percent takeover of Eisenwerk Bassum GmbH 
2019Participation in the nuclear technology specialist Höfer & Bechtel GmbH
2017August 1st: Interim Storage Activities transferred to the State in the course of the reorganisation of the responsibility for nuclear waste management in Germany
2017January: Merger of the former GNS subsidiary Acta into GNS
2014Loading of the 1.000th CASTOR® in Germany
2011Relocation to the new headquarters
2010Manufacturing of the 5.000th MOSAIK®-cask
2009October: Acquisition of Acta as a wholly-owned subsidiary
1995First CASTOR® put into storage at the interim storage facility Gorleben
1992First CASTOR® put into storage at the interim storage facility Ahaus
1985Commissioning of the plant at Duisburg
1985Storage licence CASTOR® V/21 for USA
1984First LLW put into the interim storage facility at Gorleben
1983First CASTOR® loaded and stored at Paul-Scherrer-Institut in Switzerland
1978Development of the first CASTOR®-cask and first drop tests
1977Development of the first MOSAIK®-cask
1977GNT is renamed to GNS Gesellschaft für Nuklear-Service mbH
1974GNT Gesellschaft für Nukleartransporte was founded in Essen/Germany