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GNS launches CASTOR® cask for Japan


Type certificate applied for – Subsidiary founded in Tokyo

GNS has developed the CASTOR® geo26JP cask especially for up to 26 PWR fuel assemblies – the largest available capacity for fuel assemblies from the PWR nuclear power plants most widely used in Japan.
Following the application for a type certificate submitted to the Japanese Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA) in March, GNS will now closely accompany the licensing procedure locally. To this end, it founded the subsidiary GNS Japan K.K. at the beginning of the year as a corporation under Japanese law with headquarters in Tokyo.


GNS employee becomes European triathlon champion


As 35th in the overall field including professionals, Jan Seewald from Essen completed the Ironman distance of the "Challenge Roth" in the German triathlon mecca south of Nuremberg in 8:29:25 hours. Not only did he achieve a time that can be compared to the pros, but he also became European Champion of the European Triathlon Union (ETU) in the age group 35 and Vice German Champion of the German Triathlon Union (DTU) in the same age group.

World Nuclear Exhibition
Paris, France
Nuclear disposal from a single source

40 years of nuclear experience

To fulfill our waste managment and disposal tasks GNS operates severals plants in Germany and abroad.

Return of German reprocessing waste

Website Repatriation

GNS is commissioned by the German nuclear power plant operators to prepare and implement the return of this waste to German interim storage facilities.


The world’s leading cask for spent fuel and high level waste

More than 1,500 CASTOR® casks loaded and in interim storage worldwide.