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GNS Magazine 13 published


Read about the following topics in our new company magazine:

- Takeover Strengthens GNS Container Business: Eisenwerk Bassum Takes Over Maschinen Meyer

- From Sellafield to Biblis: First HLW Transport from England

- Missile and Drop Test of the CASTOR® geo32CH: New Cask Type for Switzerland



EWB significantly expands Bassum site


On July 7, 2022, the GNS subsidiary Eisenwerk Bassum GmbH purchased the premises directly adjacent to EWB from Bremer GmbH and took over the welding production there, including all 29 employees working in this part of the plant. The former Bremer production facility becomes part of the EWB main site, which thus doubles its size.


GNS develops cask concept for final disposal of highly radioactive waste in crystalline host rock


GNS, together with BGE TECHNOLGY GmbH, has been commissioned by BGE to develop a cask concept for final disposal in crystalline rock under the project name "ELBRock".

ICOND 2022
Nuclear disposal from a single source

40 years of nuclear experience

To fulfill our waste managment and disposal tasks GNS operates severals plants in Germany and abroad.

Return of German reprocessing waste

Website Repatriation

GNS is commissioned by the German nuclear power plant operators to prepare and implement the return of this waste to German interim storage facilities.


The world’s leading cask for spent fuel and high level waste

More than 1,500 CASTOR® casks loaded and in interim storage worldwide.