Interim Storage Facility Ahaus

Since March 1998, six CASTOR® V casks loaded with spent fuel from German light water reactors have been stored at the Ahaus cask storage site. 305 CASTOR® THTR casks also stored at Ahaus, which are considerably smaller, contain spent fuel from the decommissioned thorium high temperature reactor (THTR) at Hamm-Uentrop. Furthermore there are 18 CASTOR® MTR 2 casks with fuel from the research reactor at Rossendorf.

The CASTOR® casks stored occupy little more than ten per cent of the storage capacity. In the western half of the hall low to intermediate-level waste from the operation and decommissioning of German nuclear power plants is being stored for the interim. Upon readiness for acceptance, the low to intermediate-level waste is to be shipped to the federal ‘Konrad’ repository. Furthermore, in the future the interim storage of intermediate-level waste from the reprocessing abroad of German fuel assemblies is planned in Ahaus.