Powder-Resin-Transfer-Facility PUSA

In nuclear power plants with boiling water reactors powder resins are used for water treatment. These powder resins need to be renewed regularly and disposed of as radioactive waste. To meet the requirements of several interim storage facilities as well as the repository “Schachtanlage KONRAD“, GNS actuates the Powder-Resin-Transfer- Facility for the conditioning of dry powder resins and other dry filter aids. The facility is mobile and can easily be adapted to local terms because of its modular composition.


The dry and free-flowing resins will be conveyed from 200-l-drums to the cask which is applicable for interim and final storage. This cask could for example be one of the cast iron containers type VI or the shielded casks of the MOSAIK® type, GNS products as well. The filling takes place in several steps. In order to ensure for an allocation and compaction of the resins vibrating units are placed in the cask before filling. Afterwards the vibrating units remain in the cask. The facility can be operated from a control panel equipped with a programmable logic controller in an automatic mode.