Management and Disposal of Spent Fuel and HLW

GNS is fully owned by the German utilities and has been responsible for the management of all the radioactive waste and the SNF resulting from the operation of the German NPPs for more than 25 years. Its products and services comprise the design and manufacturing of casks and containers for intermediate level waste (ILW) and high level waste (HLW), the construction of equipment for the conditioning and packaging of wastes as well as the operation of conditioning and (until 2017) interim storage facilities.

The complete life cycle of the spent fuel casks is covered by GNS, since it is not only the designer and manufacturer of the casks, but is also responsible for the loading, transport and storage of the casks within the NPPs. Operational experiences gained during several hundred loadings mostly carried out by GNS’ own staff result in a cask design which offers easy handling and guarantees minimum turnaround times within the reactor unit.